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11 TIPS to improve your living room

11 TIPS to improve your living room 1099 778 CHESTERADMIN

If you are thinking of giving a new life to your living room, here are some tricks

New Year New Life. How many "I'm going to stop" are among your New Years resolutions? We tell you what you have to stop doing immediately in your living room.

  1. Forget giant (or tiny) rugs. Rugs are a very recurring decorative element but, if you want it to look good, try to make it proportional to the furniture you have in the living room and to its space. Not bigger, not smaller.
  2. Don't even think about covering the light entrances with any piece of furniture. It would be a serious mistake, since natural light is always a plus in any room.
  3. Avoid putting curtains that are the center of attention! Now discreet curtains are worn.
  4. A crowded room with obstacles creates a stuffy and uncomfortable environment. Your home doesn't have to look like a furniture showroom. Keep only the necessary ones.
  5. Don't turn your living room into a greenhouse. It is fine to decorate with a plant to give a little life, but do not abuse.
  6. Do not settle for the furniture inherited from your grandmother, your house needs a more modern look.
  7. If you have gifts from family members for commitment, remove them from there. You don't need to put all ugly souvenirs and gifts you never liked on a shelf or table. Why are you going to suffer for something that only you see daily?
  8. A lamp that gives you the feeling of being in the 20th century? Get rid of her.
  9. The radiators better not be seen.
  10. That television is not the queen of the room. Rent in our catalogo de Mueble TV industrial para que el protagonista sea él y no tu tele.
  11. How typical to want to have everything to match! It is one thing that they fit by tones and styles and another that they are all from the same family. Too boring.

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