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3, 2, 1: Action! Turn your living room into the best movie theater.

3, 2, 1: Action! Turn your living room into the best movie theater. 2560 1707 CHESTERADMIN

Prepare your living room for a home theater session and enjoy a marathon of movies and series.

The living room of your house can be many things. Sometimes it is the most sophisticated of restaurants, at nap time it becomes chill out, if you have children at home it will probably be a battlefield ... And it can also be: a cinema!

The most important thing when organizing a home theater is to be clear about what you are going to see. Especially when the plan is as a couple or in a group, many times more time is spent choosing what to wear than enjoying the movie. You can review catalogs of your favorite genres on the platforms themselves, release lists, tops 10 ...

Once you have chosen the film, prepare your living room for the occasion. This is what you need:

A screen

Obviously. If you are going to watch the movie from a Smart TV you don't need anything else, but in the absence of this device, you have more options. You can connect a computer to a television or projector. You can also include the technical team a good sound device.

The remote control very close

How annoying having to get up in the middle of the movie to get the remote to pause, rewind, lower or raise the volume… so, before it starts, make sure you have the remote control handy.

Some blankets

What is a movie plan without your blanket? Above all, at the time of year in which we are. I don't know what the blankets will have that make the movie much more enjoyable...


It must be extremely comfortable. You're going to spend about two hours straight on it. We recommend the Sofá Luca. If you get the place of the chaisselongue you can even lie down 😉

Lots of popcorn!

With butter, colored, only with salt, made only with corn for the healthiest in the room...

With the advent of digital video platforms, movie and blanket plans have become popular. They have made it easy to access a wide variety of content with just a small subscription. What does this remind you of? Movies or furniture, at Rentchester we believe that it is not necessary to own anything to be able to have it all. And now that the movie is about to start… don't forget to silence your mobile.

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.