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Timeless like nature. This is how Timeless Natura furniture is

Timeless like nature. This is how Timeless Natura furniture is 952 720 CHESTERADMIN

"The main value of our furniture is based on absolute respect for the raw material, a respect that seeks to preserve the original properties of wood through its perfect imperfections

Timeless Natura was the first brand to come to Rentchester. Products like Zeta Chair o el Koi Stool They are made with values ​​that combine tradition and the most advanced techniques. In Timeless Natura they are clear, their objective is to minimize any negative impact on our society and nature.

How did the idea of ​​Timeless Natura come about?

The Timeless Natura's idea is not new. Since the late 1960s, our founder was convinced that it was necessary to fight to recover values ​​that had been lost and to strive to preserve the principles of nature.

All he practiced that idea in the first person, being a pioneer of a lifestyle healthy and caring for the environment, also at the business level, where took the first steps in various projects related to the design and sustainable fashion. All that baggage made it possible that, in 2017, one of his dreams to create a sustainable furniture brand with a high component of design and innovation, materialize.

Today, we are not only a conscious, consistent and responsible design company, but we are part of a group of companies that is articulated under common values ​​of commitment, social reinvestment and respect for the environment, supported by common ethical principles and driving experience of a consolidated company in the textile world such as Rioma, SL

Today it is a dream come true the idea that more people with the same passion and conviction as us, have wanted to put their talent and their desire to change the world at the service of putting these ideals into practice in the business world.

What are the main characteristics of your furniture?

The main value of our furniture is based on absolute respect for the raw material, a respect that, for example, in the case of the collection Live Edge, seeks to preserve the original properties of wood through its perfect imperfections: the cracks in the wood itself, its veins, as well as the preservation of its natural edges mean that the furniture is not a mere aesthetic element in a room, but rather that it establishes a connection with nature itself in our homes.

Taburete Korpo Natural

All our furniture is made from natural, recycled and ecological materials, and in its creation process, every detail has been taken care of. Each piece of furniture is a personal and unique piece, and on many occasions personalized in design, measurements, finishes, etc. so it is the customer who, together with our team, creates their own furniture.

What kind of woods and materials do you work with?

We work with all types of natural woods with FSC certification and therefore from areas of reforestation and controlled logging, where rational exploitation ensures, not only the conservation of the forest mass, but its increase. The traceability of a piece of furniture for us not only begins in the workshop, but also in the personal selection of each log.

To do this, we only work with sawmills that are certified and source their resources from sustainable plantations. But we also have a peculiar way of working it in which its natural characteristics prevail and, thanks to the manual work of artisans, its potentialities are used to the maximum.

We have not stopped searching and investigating until we have a wide range of ecological finishes available to our clients. In addition to a new variety of natural shades, we have managed to keep the wood able to "breathe" and at the same time be totally waterproof, easy to clean and do not contribute any toxicity to the environment or health.

What do you do to make your furniture more sustainable?

Our management model is based on circularity. We take care of the selection of the raw material, the processes and finishes that we use, affecting the cycles of supply, elaboration and reuse of by-products generated.

Silla Zeta Blanca

Also, our way of conceiving furniture is to design and produce furniture timeless, that does not go out of style and can be easily integrated into different decorating styles. We create in the long term against the culture of discard, “Of the use and throw”.

Our own name (Timeless / timeless) is quite a statement of these principles: we conceive our furniture as pieces that a lasting use, easily repairable, upgradeable and recyclable.

Another important point is that, unlike most of the brands that are marketed in our country, all of our manufacturing is local. Our furniture is manufactured here, within the European manufacturing guarantees and very close to the end customer, so we also reduce product displacements and the carbon footprint to a minimum.

What trends do you see coming up in the sector?

We're living back to basics is a trend in 2020 among interior design professionals: natural, reclaimed, and other woods materials such as hemp, rattan, jute and wicker begin to be pieces again desired in our homes.

But we believe that the serious situation we are experiencing is going to mean a before and after in our way of relating to our home and of course to our environment. The return to nature and respect for it as a means to improving our own life and humanity, should not be a trend, but a constant, and that is where we would like to be able to contribute to marking that path it made a new way of consumption: that of sustainable furniture.

We are convinced that "use and throw away" is not a good option, neither for the individual consumer, nor for society as a whole. With our furniture we offer durability, versatility, the possibility of easy repair and recycling. We hope that more and more people (customers, distributors, brands and companies) join this vision.

We see it that way too, that is why we seek to extend the useful life of all our furniture through the circular economy. What do you think? You join?

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.