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2020, a good year? Definitely

2020, a good year? Definitely 1614 991 CHESTERADMIN

If we had to define 2020 with one word, we would say that it has been a different year, a complicated year, a challenging year, but never a bad year.

Looking back, we realize that 2020 has not been as horrible a year as it seemed, at least for us. We have grown much more than we expected. Every time we find more nomads, more suppliers, more professionals who are part of our team, more goals to meet and more enthusiasm for moving forward.

Recapping month by month, we observe that we have managed to overcome many goals, but we are of those who think that one goal is only the beginning of the way to the next.


The team grows with Javier, in charge of managing the communication with the Rentchester and Irene collaborators, within the marketing department to continue with the dissemination of the brand.


SITSOFA, one of the most demanded firms in our catalog today, becomes a supplier in February. We also participate in the INTERGIFT decoration fair, at IFEMA. Furthermore, Rentchester is selected as one of the 13 most innovative companies in Castilla y León.


Rentchester's presentation on IE Venture Network was a success. In this month full of complications for everyone, we decided to make things even easier and launched the packs of furniture pre-designed by interior design experts.


In April, designer furniture comes to our catalog from Idiliq. We collaborate with MadidEasy through the integration of furniture rental in its portal and with the Higher School of Design of Valladolid. From this month, art is also rented! Specifically pictures like this one by Esther Merinero


We launched the Telework Pack adapting to the circumstances and in a matter of days it becomes one of our top sales. You can now visualize the dimensions of the furniture in the catalog using augmented reality.


Rentchester agrees with Lucas to offer the most flexible solution in the real estate market.


One of the most special months of this year as Rentchester wins the first prize for the most innovative idea at IE Venture Day among more than 106 startups. Also, Clara joins the team, don't you know her yet? This video presents


After succeeding in the capital, we set out to conquer Barcelona. And so it was, we arrived with a firm footing and, as in Madrid, we prospered.


What do you also want to rent the mattress? Since September you can thanks to Colchones Morfeo. Also, this month Miguel comes to the team giving support to web development.


More incorporations… Belén brings her creativity to the marketing department and David, as an operations analyst, manages every month that every process is close to perfection.


With the anniversary of the birth of Rentchester we celebrate our arrival in Valencia. We welcome luxury firms like Vitra.


To close the year, we include in our catalog decoration items and electrical appliances, so that you can rent the entire house and not waste a single euro on large investments that tie you down in the long run. With everything explained in previous months, it is normal that we close the year with Rentchester named one of the 25 most promising startups of this 2020.

En 2021 llegaremos a otras provincias españolas y algunas de las principales capitales europeas. Nuestro equipo crecerá con nosotros y, por supuesto, seguiremos haciendo el proceso de la mudanza lo más simple, flexible y sostenible como sea posible.

Happy New Year 2021!

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.