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Do you become independent? The 7 essentials

Do you become independent? The 7 essentials 2560 1706 CHESTERADMIN

If you become independent, you cannot forget these basics. This is all you will need before settling into your new home.

You have finally decided to leave the nest: you become independent. Before thinking about how you are going to celebrate it in your new rental apartment, you should make a list with everything you need: furniture, appliances and other things that we cannot forget when we leave home. In this blog we help you to have all the details.

  • The bed. One of the most obvious. If you want a quality mattress, you probably need to make a big investment in it. We also give you the option of renting for mattresses always with a new cover. You have several models of Morfeo Mattress Colchón Morfeo
  • Storage. Sometimes when we move for the first time we have to settle for a small house or share a flat. For this reason, we advise you to organize yourself very well to take advantage of every corner for the storage of your things. Shelves, cubes, boxes, baskets ... And, speaking of the bed, the couches are a very good option to avoid wasting space. What do you think of the Canapé Burly ? Canapé Burly?
  • Cleaning utensils. Even if you don't want it, the time for cleaning will come, and you will have to be prepared. Broom, mop and bucket, rags ... are elements that cannot be missing in your home.
  • DIY set. Hammer, adjustable spanner, pliers, screwdriver with several tips (flat and star), nails, electrical tape, universal adhesive, drill with bits, plugs and screws ...
  • First aid kit. At mother's house there was always a medicine for every pain that appeared. Now you will be the one who will have to take care of it.
  • Kitchenware. Dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc. They do not come standard with every kitchen. Do not forget the wooden or plastic utensils for cooking and thus not spoil the pans (which you will also have to add to the list of essentials when you become independent).
  • Home clothes. We recommend that you have two sets of sheets, two hand towels and two shower towels, two tablecloths, etc. to have removable.

Finally: the bottle opener for when you invite your friends to see how well decorated the apartment has been ????

If you are looking for independence, why depend on furniture? The best option is renting furniture. It is not a big investment, the effort of moving is reduced to a minimum and, in addition, the furniture will not be a burden: when you no longer need it, we collect it.

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.