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Open the door of your house. Christmas is coming!

Open the door of your house. Christmas is coming! 2560 1707 CHESTERADMIN

If you have reached this blog, it is because you are dying for this time of year so long awaited by everyone: Christmas ????

When we think of Christmas it always comes to mind our childhoods, family gatherings, and Christmas decorations. That's why since Rentchester we are going to give you some tips to prepare your home and celebrate these holidays with all your loved ones.

Intense colours.

Christmas is associated with red and green. Don't just stay with those. Use the gold to give a spark of magic. If you also combine it with white or black you will get an elegant touch.

If you like taking risks, try lilac and pink or teal and purple tones. They convey vitality and joy Just like these dates!


It's time to bring out your most creative side! You can create your own wreath for the front door, either with pine cones or branches. Also centerpieces adding candles. With felt and a little imagination you can make ornaments to your liking.

Minimalist decor

If you are a hater of overloaded decor, Scandinavian style is yours! A simpler decoration, but without losing the essence of Christmas. You can opt for elements in beige or gray tones that will lessen the intense effect.

A big tree

And it was everyone's favorite moment, especially the children. Put the tree! This is the protagonist of all the salons at this time, because if there is no tree… There are no gifts! That is why from Rentchester we offer you in our catalogue the option to rent the Tree The size that best suits your needs and once you have it at home ... Let's decorate it!

From Rentchester we wish you good and happy holidays, although this year is going to be something different… But we hope that with the decorated house you can enjoy a good dinner and your favorite sweets in the company of your loved ones. ????


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