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How it works?

It's so easy...


Choose your furniture

Choose the furniture from our catalogue and select the subscription's duration that works for you. Do not forget that you will always be able to extend your subscription and that each monthly fee will become a discount on a future purchase of the furniture.


Get it in 7 days

Relax and wait. Within 7 days we will bring the furniture to your home ready to be enjoyed. No matter the number of products you have rented, everything will be delivered the day you tell us. We take charge of delivery, assembly and placing them to your taste.


Buy them or swap them

Decide what to do at the end of your plan: buy, extend, swap or return them when life or tastes change. If you decide to extend, we will apply a discount on your next fees, and if you decide to buy them, you can buy-out your subscription for retail price, minus the amount you've already in subscription fees.

Any questions?