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Find out what colors to choose for your home according to their effects

Find out what colors to choose for your home according to their effects 2560 1707 CHESTERADMIN

Para gustos los colores. Por mucho que nos agrade un color, puede que no sea el más adecuado para tu habitación. Aprende qué color elegir según el efecto que quieras conseguir.

Colors have their own meaning, for example, red represents passion, strength, danger (that is why many traffic signs are red). Black symbolizes mystery, the unknown, but also elegance. All this affects us unconsciously to the point that a color is capable of making us nervous or giving us peace. Similarly, they can also be used to make a room appear more spacious or for the feeling of light.

These are some tips for the use of colors when decorating your home:


It is known by all that white gives light and spaciousness. It may seem basic but sometimes the simplest is the best option. If you find it too bland, ivory, almond or beige combine perfectly with white and do not detract from that effect of spaciousness.


Nor do I think I will tell you anything new if I tell you that blue is a color that symbolizes relaxation, tranquility. You can use it on the walls of rooms with light and on furniture and textiles in darker spaces. It is no coincidence that many bathrooms have blue tones, it is an ideal color for this room.


Do you want to know a trick to hide the gotelé? Matte green achieves this in addition to bringing joy to the room. Green is a color that combines very well in meeting areas such as the dining room. Being a mixture of blue and yellow it brings tranquility and joy in equal parts. Be careful with combining it with purple furniture in different shades except lilac as it can overwhelm.

Another trick of the color combination is, for example, to paint the side walls of narrow rooms a medium shade of gray and the back wall of light gray with white furniture such as the table Van Gogh or the Chair Zeta. It will seem that the walls open and also the gray will give character to the room.

You don't have to turn your house into J Balvin's album, but you can use some combination of these colors on the walls or on the furniture. For these, you can take a look at our catalogue.

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