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Christmas is also rented

Christmas is also rented 1920 1318 CHESTERADMIN

This year circumstances will not allow us to reunite with our loved ones as we were used to doing. We may not be able to celebrate Christmas as usual, but now more than ever we must avoid losing hope.

Some items are only used seasonally. The umbrellas in the summer, the treadmills the two weeks we try to become sporty people, and the Christmas trees in December. All of them, after their useful life, end up in a storage room.

At Rentchester we seek flexibility in the process of furnishing a house so that the furniture is not a burden and is adapted to your circumstances and needs. And since we know how much it costs you to put and remove the tree (which has been there for some year until March), we want to help you 😉

Laziness is no longer an excuse. Because this year you will rent your Christmas tree with Rentchester while supplies last.

We take the tree to your house and collect it from the 11 January so it won't take up space when the holidays are over. Why our goal is to make things easier so that you don't have to worry no problem.

But yes, although in all our orders the assembly is included in the delivery, in this case we will make the exception of leaving the work to you because ... there is the grace, right? Enjoy decorating your tree without worries.

Probably our nomads have not put a Christmas tree in the suitcase and in these difficult times it is worth adding some magic to your home.

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.