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to rent by subscription furniture

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Furniture rental for the amount of time you need
for just one affordable monthly fee. No deposit.

Delivery, assembly and collection free

How it works?

Tell us about your project

Send us all the information: plans, budget and subscription period to know your needs in detail.

Receive your proposal

We prepare a personalized interior design proposal that adapts to the needs of your project.

Maximize your income

Offering your properties furnished reduces the occupation time of your property by up to 8 times and increases profitability by up to 30%.

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    Why should I do it?


    We adapt to your needs. Choose your initial plan (from 3 to 36 months) and then you can always cancel, extend, change or buy the furniture. If your client asks for flexibility, it is no longer a problem.


    We take care of everything. We furnish complete houses and take care of the transport and assembly, as well as any incident that the furniture may have. All included in a single monthly fee that you can apply to your tenants.


    You are also collaborating with a sustainable model. Through the circular economy, Rentchester offers a service that extends the useful life of furniture, thus achieving a sustainable, economic and social benefit.

    We tell you a real success story

    An international investment fund had a residential rental building in the Northern Zone of Madrid


    After 1 year of commercialization, the asset did not obtain the occupation or the expected profitability. The asset had an average occupancy that was between 50% and 60%, which was generating a great risk in the expected profitability of the asset, which was below 5%.



    After analyzing the situation with Rentchester, they began by offering their tenants the possibility of furnishing their homes for a simple monthly fee adapted to their needs. In just 3 months, occupancy increased to 90%, also increasing profitability up to 15%.


    «I loved their professionalism, their service and the level of detail they can go to. In addition, they took care of everything just by sending them the project information. All of this helped me choose Rentchester.»

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