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Rent, Take a sit, Return it, Repeat. How to extend the life cycle of a piece of furniture

Rent, Take a sit, Return it, Repeat. How to extend the life cycle of a piece of furniture 2560 1920 CHESTERADMIN

Do you buy, use and throw away or are you more of renting, enjoying the furniture for as long as you want and returning it or changing it when you no longer need it?

We live in a world that goes at full speed (29.8 km / s) and this rush is contagious even our way of consuming. Fast Food, Fast Fashion and… Fast Furniture, we are used to “fast” products, to use and to throw away, with a low price, but a high cost.

The short life of furniture categorized as Fast Furniture originates a mass production which in turn means high energy consumption and emissions that cause environmental pollution. That is why at Rentchester we have a clear objective: to extend the useful life of furniture, thus achieving a sustainable, economic and social benefit.

But not all furniture is suitable to last for many years, there are a number of conditions that influence:

Furniture quality

To ensure the durability of a piece of furniture in good condition, it must be of high quality. Prioritize natural materials like solid wood over particle board or petroleum-based plastics. It is also important to use waxes and natural oils instead of varnish to finish the furniture. For other materials, equally, the more natural the better. Hemp, cotton, flax, clay ... are some examples.

Many times we think that we save more by buying at low prices, but in the long run, you know, cheap is expensive. Also, not all high-quality furniture has to be cheap. One way to access all types of furniture without worrying about having to make a large investment is renting.

You can take a look at the furniture of Timeless Natura, made with high quality wood and a great respect for nature. You have all the details about the brand in this blog and is available in our catalogue.

Recyclable materials

Extending the life of a piece of furniture also means worrying about what it will be like after it stops being that sofa.

Natural materials are more respectful with the planet. Low-quality furniture is often not recyclable due to its high content of chemicals such as formaldehyde and adhesives. These materials are also toxic to us in the long term.

The aim is to minimize the waste generated by a piece of furniture when you dispose of it and take advantage of recyclable materials for a second life and thus collaborate with the care of the environment.

Easy disassembly

The separation of furniture into pieces facilitates recycling by being able to more easily dissociate some materials from others. An example is the modular sofas from SITSOFA such as the Sofá BRICK 2 Plazas.

At Rentchester we take care that our furniture is of high quality made with natural and recyclable materials. In addition, renting is a circular economy model with which the life cycle of furniture can be lengthened more easily, without worries, since we take care of the restoration of the furniture after each use and its correct recycling at the end. its useful life.

We are used to throwing away what we think is no longer useful and then buying a new one with the same purpose in mind: to throw it away. Why not change this philosophy a bit and start "enjoying" resources instead of "consuming" them? Surround ourselves with lovingly made products, care for them, and worry about their second life after they have met our needs.

Welcome to the furniture subscription. Welcome to Rentchester.