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About us

The problem

“I had to sleep on the sofa a few days since I sold my bed too early”

After a few years living and working in Dubai, one of us decided to move back to Spain. While he was pretending to sell his furniture, we realized the whole process of furnishing a house is way more complex than it should be, from the selection of the furniture, the purchase, the transportation, the assembly, till the decision to what to do with them on your next move.

The solution

Acerca. La idea.

“It is not you who should adapt to your furniture, but it is your furniture that must adapt to your circumstances”

Furniture should not be a burden. Rentchester was born to offer the user total flexibility by simplifying the entire process of furnishing a house. Why not rent the furniture instead of buying it if you don’t even know where you’re going to be in a year time? If you look at it from the point of view of time and money, buying does not make any sense.

The vision

Sobre nosotros

“Extend the useful life of furniture through circular economy”

Rentchester aspira a convertirse en la alternativa frente a comprar muebles o alquilar un piso amueblado por un tercero que la mayoría de las veces no coincide con tus necesidades o gusto personal. A través de la economía circular, Rentchester quiere ofrecer un servicio que extienda la vida útil de los muebles consiguiendo así un beneficio sostenible, económico y social.

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