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Zero waste in your home

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Today we tell you what the Zero Waste philosophy consists of so that you can apply it to your way of life and automatically to your home

Zero Waste translates to “zero waste” and is a philosophy that is based on less is more. By minimizing the waste we generate on a daily basis, we manage to reduce our environmental footprint and live only with what we need while spending quality time with our own. At Rentchester we are committed to a more sustainable interior design that meets the 5 "Rs".

Reject or let go of what we don't need

Do you have a lot of lamps, but in the end you only use 1 or 2? Get rid of them, keep the ones you really use and need.


Bet on a more minimalist decoration with furniture that is useful to you. For example, if you have 3 sofas in your living room, but you only use 2, take the third out of there. Do the same with clothing and plastic. A trick: replace the plastic jars with glass jars, which are also much more beautiful 😊


Convierte los desechos orgánicos en materia prima. Si tienes jardín o plantas, benefíciate de ellos. Esta es otra forma de no desperdiciar algo que aparentemente todos consideraríamos basura y darle una segunda vida como abono.


Recycle everything that you cannot reject, reduce or reuse. Convert the furniture that you no longer use into different forms of decoration for your home, thus extending its useful life. Recycled wood can always benefit you. A table that you no longer want? Turn it into a bookcase, for example. Also recycle waste that you cannot reuse (paper, plastic, glass ... etc.)


If you are one of those to use and to throw away, you get tired quickly of your furniture, you buy compulsively and your house looks like a museum exhibition, here we come. Rentchester is the clear example of how to apply this point of the Zero Waste philosophy. Through the subscription of furniture and decoration items, their useful life is extended while you generate a sustainable, economic and social benefit. Go into this blog and we explain a little more.

Make renting in our catalogue of the furniture in your home can be the first step to fully enter a Zero Waste lifestyle. Favor a second life for your furniture and participate in a more sustainable circular economy.

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